Do you drink coffee?

We all love coffee. It's an experience, from the aroma of the beans to the rich, warm color shining through the package. We'd like you to join us in intensifying that experience. And for really cheap, honestly.

Groves Coffee is co-owned by Mark Turansky and Mike Claypoole, neighbors in The Groves of Mount Pleasant, SC. Yes, that's the origin of our name. Coffee is grown in a grove, too. A grove is a shady natural place that has positive feelings, just like our neighborhood, so it works for us.

Mark asked Mike "Do you drink coffee?" soon after Mike moved in. A couple of hours later, Mark handed Mike a Ziploc stuffed with fresh roasted coffee. The beans were still warm. The smell was incredible. Mike's been drinking coffee since he was 16, so about 25 years, give or take. Receiving a fresh roast changes your coffee experience, no matter how many years you've been drinking it. We believe it's the single most important factor to a good cup of coffee.

We hope you join us on this journey. Fresh roasted coffee is amazing and we'd love to roast some for you. We only roast small batches, so we can customize each roast to your feedback.

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