Speciality Beans.

It all starts with great beans. We'll always have at least one coffee from Central/South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia in stock as we sample the finest arabicas from around the world.

Currently, we are enjoying:

Guatemala - Antigua

From the Guatemalan city of Antigua comes our Iglesias coffee, grown on mountain slopes of rich volcanic soil. The coffee beans are sundried and sorted by size, density, and color. The result is a perfect single origin coffee suitable for any roast level. The Iglesias farm is more than 4500 feet in elevation.

Rwanda - Ruvumbu

Red Bourbon coffee cherries from the Ruvumbu farm in Rwanda produce a coffee that is well balanced with papaya and toffee sweetness and mild citrus acidity. This quickly became one of our favorite coffees.

Indonesia - Sulawesi

Arabica coffees from the Sulawesi region of Indonesia are grown high up volcanic mountains where the high altitude and soil are perfect for growing coffee. Our Sulawesi coffee has aromas of chocolate and almonds while offering sweet, spicy, and smokey tastes. Like other Indonesian coffees, our Sulawesi has low acidity and a full body.

Custom Roasted.

We are strictly small batch so your beans are roasted to perfection. Your feedback will guide us towards the perfect roast for you.

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